Always Learning

You may have noticed that I have made a few changes to the website.

Maybe you haven’t.

It’s ok either way, but I want you to know that these little changes are very awkward for me.

I’m embarrassed.

But, I know that everyone makes mistakes. So… I’m good. Really.

Here’s what happened – I have been working with this theme for a few weeks now, and I really like it. However – I’ve been trying to figure out how to upload blog posts and podcast episodes, and resigned to doing everything manually. Adding the podcast episodes here and linking to the media file on libsyn…

Today, I learned that I can actually “import” my podcast continuously. This means that I don’t have to duplicate anything!

It also means that the first few episodes have two pages now… If I delete the original page, then I will have a broken link, or need to redirect…

That’s a different problem for a different day.

Just know that I’m working on it, and I would love feedback regarding the user experience on the website.


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