Month: October 2019

Lines In The Sand – Ep. 004

Have you ever started dental treatment on a patient only to regret it later?  We all have. When I think about the story I’m about to share – and think about some of the other patients where I feel like I lost control a bit – you can put the main problem into one of three…

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11 Things Every Dental Practice Needs, and 1 Thing to Avoid – Ep. 003

A Fully Optimized Google My Business [GMB] page. Your business listing on google is becoming more and more like an actual landing page for your business.  They are incorporating many of the features that, in the past,  people would go to your website to find.  The newest feature “offers” is a way to update your…

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3 Things To Help You Know Yourself Better. Today. – Ep. 002

Know yourself. One of the principles taught by the incomparable Dr. L.D. Pankey. In our first episode, I talk about the 3 things that have helped me learn the most about myself. Resources For This Episode Don’t Forget I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment, and don’t forget to sign up on…

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